CEC Marketing provide marketing services to the IT and technology sectors, helping companies to grow. Throughout our work, we’re guided by one principle: it’s quality that matters.

Quality brings results.

Since our inception, we’ve stuck to one simple belief — in B2B Marketing, it’s quality that matters, because that’s what brings results.

Take lead generation, for example. We’re laser-focused on supplying clients with the highest quality leads. We only want to connect your sales team with decision-makers who are genuinely interested in your service. We want to be – and we are – the alternative to the many marketing companies content to supply poor quality leads; leads that will never convert into sales.

Not just for the big boys.

We believe that marketing expertise isn’t just for huge companies with endless resources.

Many owners of SMEs still believe that outsourcing requires a million-pound marketing budget. We’re helping to change perceptions on that. We bring our expertise to many different sizes of company. That means that even relatively small companies can get help with all aspects of B2B marketing, including data acquisition, lead generation, inside sales and lead nurturing.

CEC: just the right size

We’re proud to be a small, focused team with big contacts.

We’re pleased to say that CEC Marketing is not a huge anonymous company. Rather, we’re a team that’s small enough to care about our individual clients. Where required, we can accommodate larger jobs through using carefully selected partners. So we’re truly small enough to care, big enough to cope.

Join the CEC story.

Get to know us better.

Maybe you could follow our latest guidance, news and views on our blog. Or If you’re already keen to see what our team can do for your company, please get in touch. Who knows – it could be the start of a great business relationship!

Capture. Engage. Convert. It’s how we find your next customers.

Our mission is to capture leads, engage your audience and help you convert leads into sales.

Capture. Engage. Convert. It’s what we do, and it’s deeply embedded in our DNA. It’s also CEC’s by-line. We live it every day, it’s all we do, and we live up to it.

The proof is that we’ve built our success on repeat business. Our clients keep returning to us because they know we deliver a return on their investment. We are successful because we take the time to understand your business – adapting our services to meet your specific lead generation needs.