Before you spend one penny on using a marketing agency, there’s one crucial question to ask: can they actually deliver? In other words, what have they actually done for their clients?

It's all about results.

You need a marketing agency that brings results. That’s us.

To break it down further, if the agency were recruiting for a webinar, how many attendees did they achieve? If they were tasked with supplying new prospects, how many made it through to evaluation?

At CEC Marketing, we know that it all boils down to results. We welcome being judged on ours.

Great conversion rates

33% to 50% of the delegates we find convert to immediate sales.

Attracting delegates for business events is notoriously difficult. Companies often expend enormous amounts of time for few results.

Our entry level campaign typically recruits between 10 and 15 delegates for a client. Of course, that’s meaningless if none of delegates actually convert. So we’re happy to report that typically 33% to 50% of the delegates we find convert into sales.

Our guarantees

We deliver the results we promise, or you don’t pay

Buying lead generation services can be risky. Any agency can talk a good game, so how can you trust that they’ll do as they say.

The solution is our guaranteed lead generation packages. We agree to deliver a certain number of qualified leads. If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay.

Here's how the packages stack up:

  • Bronze package: 10 qualified leads
  • Silver package: 15 qualified leads
  • Gold package: 25 qualified leads

With a conversion rate of 33 -50%, our gold package could leave you with 8-12 new clients, with further sales to follow.

Capture. Engage. Convert. It’s how we find your next customers.

With over 20 years of industry experience, CEC Marketing specialise in meeting the needs of IT and technology companies. Living up to the CEC name, we capture new B2B leads, engage them, and help you convert existing prospects into sales.

CEC’s success has been built on putting quality first. Our clients keep returning because they know we deliver high quality work that leads to real results. We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses, adapting our services to provide a package that works for them.

New customers are your business’s future. CEC are the experts in finding them, quickly and cost-effectively.