How our consultancy works

Our consultancy’s working methods are designed for both immediate results and a long-lasting impact, with a fair and flexible payment system.

The process

Our consultancy follows a carefully structured process, equipping your team with everything needed to run current and future marketing campaigns.

Our emphasis is on helping your team apply marketing know-how to your situation. As such, our consultancy process can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. However, it typically involves three stages.

1. What’s working?

In the first stage, we carry out an initial audit of marketing processes, especially lead generation.


A thorough analysis looks at your current strategies to find out what’s working – and what isn’t. Learning how to analyse strategies is a light-bulb moment for many teams and helps them to shape their future work.

2. Strategy and planning

Based on this audit, we work with the team to devise an overall strategy and plan for their next campaign.

Your team already have the expert in-depth knowledge of your service and audience, and our job is to marry this with marketing know-how and a wide range of experience. Remember that we’re sharing the whole process, so it can be applied again and again in the future.



3. Execution and Training

Having planned a campaign, we then work with the team to execute it from start to finish.

To do this, we will coach your team to help them build vital skills such as telemarketing, nurturing and use of technology.


Fair Pricing

Unlike some consultancies, we don’t just disappear leaving you with a to-do-list and a large invoice.

Before we go, we listen to what you have to say. We ensure the action plan works, that your staff know what they are doing, and that your organisation is happy with the new process.

We’re confident that our pricing is competitive and fair. We don’t waste your time (or ours) doing lots of speculative work in the hope that you’ll like something we do. We prefer to spend time getting to know you, your company’s personality, what you want to achieve, how you work and the type of clients that you work with.

To find out more about our pricing structure and our working methods, please get in touch.



Capture. Engage. Convert. It’s how we find your next customers.

With over twenty years of industry experience, CEC Marketing specialises in meeting the needs of IT and technology companies. Living up to the CEC name, we capture new B2B leads, engage them, and help you convert existing prospects into sales.

CEC’s success has been built on putting quality first. Our clients keep returning because they know we deliver high quality work that leads to real results. We take the time to understand our clients’ businesses, adapting our services to provide a package that works for them.

New customers are your business’s future. CEC are the experts in finding them, quickly and cost-effectively.