Email Marketing

To have any campaign succeed in generating leads, it must engage the audience. This means using messages that resonate. Messages which demonstrate an understanding of the problems and challenges the campaign that your recipients face. People are primarily interested in how you can help them, and this is where the focus of your campaign message must lie.

The right messages

Part of the process we go though when segmenting and profiling the people in the campaign is to understand what makes them tick.

We focus on understanding what is going to get them to respond to the campaign, and understand what part of your solution will help them to achieve their goals.

We create messages for each type of recipient in the campaign. Messages focused on where they are in the buying cycle, their role in the buying process, and what their pain points are.

A call to action

Getting someone to open your email is one challenge. Getting them to take the required action once they’ve opened it is another.

Depending on your campaign objectives, we craft calls to action that are specifically designed to convert email opens and clicks to leads.

Whether the email points at a landing page that removes distractions and focuses the mind on just one action; or to a simple survey designed for maximum responsiveness; or to a registration page to attract webinar registrations; or to communicate the benefits of your new service, the call to action takes centre stage in the campaign.

Measurable results

Knowing how effective a campaign is helps you understand what sort of results can be expected (how many leads it’s going to generate for you!).

It also helps us fine tune it using alternative messages or approaches. We report to you on a regular basis how your campaigns are going so that you can hold us to account on our guaranteed delivery of qualified leads.

Best practice. Ethical practice.

Email campaigns must be effective, but they must also be ethical. Apart from legal issues, unethical use of email can quickly damage your brand and reputation.

We are committed to responsible use of email, and employ best practice for how emails look, how they are structured and how usable they are on mobile devices – all of which are significant in getting people to respond to the all-important call to action.

Capture. Engage. Convert. It’s how we find your next customers.

Using strategically targeted email campaigns to generate high quality leads.

CEC is all about B2B lead generation, and with over 20 years of industry experience, we know that email campaigns that use the right messages for the target audience are a very successful way of reaching prospects. We have designed email campaigns for companies in a number of sectors, developing a particular expertise in meeting the needs of technology companies.

Our clients keep returning because they know we deliver results. Living up to our name, we capture leads, engage your audience and help you convert those leads into sales. We are successful because we take the time to understand your business — adapting our services to meet your specific lead generation needs.