B2B Telemarketing

Effective. Efficient. Ethical. Backed by more than 20 years’ industry experience, our telemarketing service is the efficient way for you to connect with your prospects and customers.

A voice for your company

Marketing trends come and go, but speaking to clients is still the cornerstone of sales. We give your company a human voice – one that’s both personable and professional.

For many decision-makers overloaded with information, talking to a real person has become even more important. Our calls focus on engaging your potential customers: we speak to them like human beings, talking with them and not at them. It’s a cliché to say people buy from people – but it’s also true. We help people to buy from your people.

What we do for you:

  • Personable, professional calls for your company
  • Potential clients engaged, not alienated
  • Cost-effective service that saves your team hours

Articulating your message

Good telemarketing means articulating your message clearly and accurately. So that’s exactly what we do.

There’s not much worse than talking to a representative who doesn’t understand what they’re promoting. So, at CEC, we invest the time to ensure that we understand your company’s goals, ethos and culture. We never pick up the phone until we’re confident we can articulate your company’s message in the way that you would like it.

What we do for you:

  • Confident, articulate representation of your message, brand, service

A range of services

Our phone services meet a range of business needs. Tell us what sort of help you need and how much, and we’ll do the rest.

Our service is designed to adapt to your needs, supporting your team and improving their workflow. Clients use our telemarketing services for all sorts of purposes, including lead generation, lead nurturing and gathering feedback.

What we do for you:

  • Appointments or conference calls
  • Registrations for webinars
  • Booking places at a seminar, workshop, conference or other event
  • Following up with attendees that may have recently visited your exhibition stand
  • Generating interest in a quotation or service
  • Contacting current customers to up-sell products/services
  • Contacting lapsed customers to regenerate interest
  • Membership or subscription renewal

Ethical telemarketing

Telemarketing needn’t be a nuisance. Our ethical B2B telemarketing protects your reputation and helps potential customers.

Telemarketing often gets a bad press. But when it’s carried out ethically and in the right business context, the results can be significant. Well-placed telemarketing helps companies solve pressing problems. In fact, in a recent survey, telemarketing calls at work were considered the least intrusive form of advertising. Decision-makers expect to receive sales calls and it can help them find effective new suppliers.

By targeting the right people in the right organisations, and using best industry practice, our team help clients stay positive about telemarketing – and your company.

What we do for you:

  • Legal, ethical campaigns that help business people
  • Get new leads without damaging your reputation

Capture. Engage. Convert. It’s how we find your next customers.

Finding your next clients through intelligent and ethical telemarketing.

Without new leads, prospects and clients, businesses stagnate. With a full pipeline, businesses thrive and grow. CEC is the B2B lead generation specialist who finds you those new customers, quickly and cost-effectively.

We believe that speaking to someone is still the best way to qualify them as a lead. We also believe that the ethical use of telemarketing is still a very effective tool in asking those all-important qualifying questions. We know that people like talking and our intelligent use of telemarketing is very successful at generating leads for the companies we serve.